Install a AEM V2 Intake

Installing the cold air intake may seem like a big feat to some, but its really quite simple. To start off open your hood and get accustom to your engine bay. You should fine a big black box that connects to your intake manifold. This is your aem air filter. You need to remove this, by unscrewing any screws that hold it in place. Then, you unclamp the tube that connects to your intake manifold.

You should then be able to remove your OEM air intake. Make sure to disconnect any wires that may be connect from your old air intake to the engine. On most sport compact cars, there is a plug that plugs from the OEM air intake to the intake manifold. You will want to remove this plug and pull out the whole air box. There may be additional pieces of the air box in the engine bay. These also need to be removed too.

After the OEM air intake is removed, take your new AEM cold air intake of the box and get acquainted with the pieces. There should be a air filter, intake tubing, some clamps, some hoses, and some screws. Since it’s a cold air intake, you want to install from outward to inward. This means, that since your air intake will be outside your engine bay, you need to install this first.

Grab the cold air intake tube, and run it through the hole that runs into your wheel well. Now grab your AEM air filter and connect it to the tube, so the air filter is in the engine bay. On some cars, you may have to remove the front bumper, or most likely, the mud guard in your wheel well. Screw the clamp down so your AEM air filter is securely connect to the AEM V2 intake tube. Now you can put your bumper or your mud guard back on.

Now moving back to the engine bay, its time to hook the AEM intake tube to the intake manifold. Since, the AEM V2 cold air intakes are designed specifically for each car model, there should be no custom work needed. Grab a clamp and connect the other end of the intake tube to the intake manifold. Your AEM V2 Cold air intake is pretty much installed. Now, you grab the hose that came with the AEM intake and connect one side to the inlet on the intake tube. The other side connects to the intake manifold. There should be an open inlet from the OEM intake, right by where the intake tube connect to the intake manifold.