7 Things You Need When Traveling to France by Car

Travelling across France by car may be one of the most exciting experiences for anyone visiting this country. You get to enjoy the scenery and beauty that France has to offer.

Travelling by car unlike other means of transportation is also very cost-friendly and you can survive on a very low budget.

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For this article, we are going to look at everything you need to have when traveling to France by car.


1. Driver’s licence

France just like in many other parts of the world will be required to carry a driver’s licence. The driver’s licence is mainly to prove that you have the minimum standards required to be operating a vehicle on the road.

In many cases, the driver’s licence is certified within France however members of the EU countries can produce their driver’s licence.

Any foreigner travelling to France by car get an international driving permit from their local AAA or the National Automobile Club. This, in addition to the actual driving licence, will be required.

Another important piece of information about the driver’s licence is that it must be valid that means it should contain the right information about the driver and it is up to date.

2. Proof of insurance

There’s a mandatory provision for proof of insurance when driving in France. all cars must be insured against accident and third-party injuries.

3. Ownership or rental papers

When driving across France you must carry with you documentation that shows proof of ownership of the car. For rental cars, A person shall be required to show valid rental papers.

The reason for submitting ownership of rental purpose is to ensure that the car being driven is in legal possession of the driver.

4. Carte Grise (Registration certificate)

Another important document you must have when travelling in France is a registration certificate. The registration certificate should be registered with the keeper of the vehicle.

The registration certificate also contains all the characteristics of the vehicle. The main purpose of this requirement is to ensure that the vehicle being driven has been checked for compliance with the French laws governing the use of vehicles.

5. Passport or EU ID card

You’ll also have to travel with your passport or identification card. It is basically required for the personal identification of the driver.


1. Pollution sticker

In my opinion, one of the greatest regulations in France is the Invention of clean air windscreen stickers as a legal requirement when driving across France.

Pollution stickers help identify a vehicle’s emission level and With high emission levels your vehicle may be restricted to access certain areas. The main reason for this is to improve the air quality.

2. Headlamp beam deflectors for right-hand drivers

When driving across France RH drivers are required to have a headlamp converter. This is a compulsory requirement, and the main purpose is to ensure the driver does not cause an accident by dazzling oncoming traffic.

What is not allowed

To enjoy your travel across France by car, you may want to avoid the following.

1. More than 0.5g/l blood alcohol level

It calls for a very serious fine when your blood alcohol level is above 0.5g/l. Define is about €135.  The best policy when driving is to not drink and drive.

2. Driving under the age of 18

For obvious reasons it is not even an option to attempt driving when under the age of 18.

3. Use of hands-free and Bluetooth devices

For security reasons and to prevent distractions while driving it is not allowed to use hands-free on Bluetooth devices in driving.

4. Speed camera detectors

For any foreign arriving within France, you must be aware that speed camera detectors are not allowed in the country.

If you have a car with pre-installed speed camera detectors, then it is recommended that you switch them off or disable them completely.