Types of Rock Chips

Bull’s eye or partial bull’s eye-this is the most common type of rock chip and is marked by one separated cone on the outer layer of the class. It can result in a dark circle at the impact point, looking like a bull’s eye. They are repairable if the diameter is no larger than an inch.
Combination chip-this is one that has multiple characteristics, which can include cracks that come from the damage, a star inside the bull’s eye, or a short or long crack. If the diameter of the body is not exceeding two inches it can be repaired. The diameter does not include the legs.
Star chip-with this type of damage it can show a series of legs that emanate from the break. If the overall diameter of the chip is not more than three inches, including the legs, it can be repaired.
Surface pit-this is just a nick in the windshield that does not penetrate to inner plastic layer. It is part of the normal wear and tear on a windshield. If the diameter is less than one-eighth inch it can be repaired.

It is not legal to drive a vehicle with a windshield that is damaged if it obstructs or distorts the driver’s view. It you do not get the crack fixed it will continue to spread because of the vibrations of the road and the force of the wind when the vehicle is moving. Your windshield is also what supports the roof of the car and also absorbs a lot of pressure when an airbag deploys. It is very important that you have a rock chip repair done to help protect the passengers in your car and to help prevent the expensive cost of replacing your windshield.

Depending on your insurance company having a rock chip repair done it may not cost you anything to have it fixed. If you have to pay a deductible it may be cheaper to pay for it out-of-pocket because rock chip repair generally costs forty-five to one hundred dollars. When you take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop they will drill out the chip and vacuum out the crack to get rid of any dirt and debris that is still in the chip. They inject a resin compound into the rock chip, curing it with an ultraviolet light to harden the molecular bond. Doing this will restore the integrity of the windshield.