Truth About Ceramic Coating | Ultimate Guide [2020]

A vehicle is one of the most prized possessions and not just because of its price. I do not know about you, but my vehicle and I have been on so many adventures that it feels like a part of my family. Also, I have so many cherished family moments in this car including driving my wife to the hospital for the birth of our child. So, it is only natural that I spend a little money for its care and maintenance.

Even if you do not have a special bond with your vehicle, I feel that its condition reflects your personality. Imagine dressing up in old, torn clothes. How will others perceive you? It is safe to say that they might mistake you for a homeless person. On the other hand, if you are dressed nicely, others will be attracted to you. Now, replace the clothing with a vehicle. If it is dirty, people will consider you unattractive.

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Therefore, maintaining your vehicle should be one of your top priorities. There’s more to maintenance than simple washing because, at the end of the day, a regular wash will not protect the exterior from swirl marks, chips, and paint deterioration. Today, there are so many options to protect the car’s exterior that it is quite exhausting and confusing. Hence, we have decided to help you out a little.

In this post, we have decided to focus on the Car Ceramic Coating, an increasingly popular method of protecting the vehicle’s exterior. Let’s start.

What is Ceramic Coating?

In the simplest of terms, the ceramic coating is just a liquid polymer applied on the vehicle’s exterior. One thing that sets it apart from others is that the polymer is applied by hand, thereby ruling out the use of any sophisticated equipment. The coating then chemically bonds with the vehicle’s paint, resulting in an extra layer. This layer protects the paint from losing its shine, scratches, and other unwanted abrasions. The coating does not wash away and is not a substitute for washing.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Let’s take a look at the benefits associated with ceramic coating:

1. Protects Against UV Damage

You might have heard or even experienced that a vehicle that is parked in direct sunlight for long periods will suffer from faded paint. The reason is the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. These rays are equally harmful to the vehicle as us humans. They can cause the paint to fade and lose its shine. Apart from this, direct sunlight is damaging to the tires as it does lead to premature tear and wear. The ceramic coating protects the paint from these rays. Nevertheless, it is always wise to park inside a garage or to cover the vehicle instead of parking it under direct sunlight.

2. Extra Shine

You might have seen that some vehicles give a shinier look than most others. The secret is not a special type of paint or anything like that. Instead, it is a ceramic coating that gives the extra shine. This improves the overall look of the vehicle making it stand out from the rest.

Paint Protection VS Ceramic Coating

3. Easier Cleaning

Imagine washing a vehicle after three or four weeks. You will find that some of the dirt and other contaminants are quite hard to remove. Over time, some of them may not even wash away properly without professional help or use of specialized equipment. The ceramic coating again plays a big role in this. This coating prevents dirt and other contaminants from sticking on the vehicle. Therefore, a simple wash is enough to get rid of all the dirt.

4. Protection Against Contaminants

We already mentioned this in the previous point but it does deserve further discussion. When you drive around, the vehicle is exposed to all sorts of dirt, contaminants, and other debris. Not all of this is easily washable. Over time, they can cause the paint to wear down. You might even feel that the paint is starting to lose its shine and even fade away. The ceramic coating offers paint protection by preventing the contaminants from reaching the paint.

5. Increases Car Value

Would you pay good money for a vehicle with faded paint or with chips and swirl marks? The answer is no. But with this coating, you can rest easy because you have gotten car paint protection. When a prospective customer comes to see your vehicle, they will be inclined to pay good money because the paint is protected by the ceramic coating.

Now, let us answer some FAQs regarding ceramic coating.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last For?

This is a really interesting question. The answer varies from person to person and there is nothing wrong with it. The reason is that the durability of the coat is dependent on the person. Regular care and maintenance will enhance durability. Nevertheless, the coat is expected to last anywhere between 2 to 5 years.


Do You Need to Wash the Car?

The ceramic coating only offers paint protection. Besides that, you need to do the same care and maintenance as you would have done without it. The coating certainly makes a lot of things easier but it is not a substitute for anything.

Are There Different Types?

Like most other products, you will also find different types of coating available in the market such as Ceramic Pro, Opti-Coat Pro, and C.Quartz. The coating contains SiO2. Some types have higher amounts whereas others have quite low. The rule of thumb is that the higher the amount of SiO2, the more durable the coating. For more info PitStopArabia

Does It Offer Complete Paint Protection?

The coating does guarantee protection against scratches but not absolute. It will not protect the car against rock chips, curb damage, and anything similar.

Do I Need to Wax My Car?

Ceramic Coating

Waxing the car after the ceramic coating is not recommended as wax may stick onto the coat, reducing its durability and functionality. But there are specially made waxes which can be applied after the coat. Make sure you are buying the right one.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our blog post for today. We are hopeful that you find it interesting and informative. If you feel like we missed any point, you are more than welcome to share your feedback with us.