Land Rover SUV

Originally it’s thought that the concept and design for the original Land Rover began was developed 1947 by former chief designer Maurice Wilks at the Rover Company. As the first land rover was a model offered by Rover from 1948. Maurice Wilks wanted a car he could drive and use as a practical vehicle around his farm in Anglesey in North Wales, where he was initially inspired by the World war II American Willy’s Jeep.

Since then the vehicles design and purpose have essentially followed closely to the original brief for a multi-purpose countryside vehicle which can also be used on the road. Although with today’s technology and materials the current models are more powerful, faster, bigger, and more comfortable and have many more applications than it was originally intended for.

The Range Rover didn’t come along till 1970, by which time the Rover Company saw a market for a luxury version of the Land Rover that would be 4×4 SUV that could travel off-road if required. So, the Range Rover was born, it too has seen many updates and new models over the years, but again it too has remained faithful to both its heritage and its application.

Fast forward to the present and both the Land Rover and Range Rover vehicle portfolio have grown. So Range Rover is now being represented by another new model the “Evoque”, which have proved popular in the global SUV market so far.

The new Range Rover Evoque has been a breath of fresh air to the range, offering a new dimension to the selection of vehicles on offer, plus it is labelled as the most economical and environmentally conscious Range Rovers currently available. With these green credentials and its sleek new styling it’s proving to be a hit with both the automotive critics and the SUV buying public, already receiving many national accolades and awards, plus a growing waiting list.