Which Rashi can wear Neelam?

For people who are not sufficiently acquainted or accustomed to Indian dialects, the name ‘Neelam’ might be alien and confusing. To brush that introductory doubt off the table, it is just moniker of Indian origins that refers to the gemstone otherwise known as Blue Sapphire. Whether it be within the country or outside it, the gemstone understandably commands a considerable acclaim from gemstone communities, which is a reputation that is never to cease to exist.

If you are looking forward to buying a neelam for yourself or your loved ones, some details and tidbits about the gemstone would not go amiss. Neelam or Blue Sapphire is, as is obvious, a variety of Sapphire and thus falls in the Corundum family of minerals. Coming in crystals of various shades of Blue, the gemstone is undeniably beautiful and brings the best out of the wearer. The Blue Sapphire has appeared in numerous depictions in popular culture, which has only added to its already stupendous value. While Western cultures usually tend to view the Neelam as merely an accessory, the gemstone enjoys a far wider berth in Eastern cultures and folklore. Occupying one of the most glittering positions in the Corundum category of precious stones, the Neelam Gemstone is arguably one of the most popular and coveted stones across all cultures. The natural origins of the gemstone include countries of Western Africa such as Tanzania and the island of Madagascar, and it is also found in some parts of India and Myanmar. The stone also occupies a rich place in folk tales and fables, with kings and queens having been rumored to consider the gems extremely valuable and precious.

Numerous cultures across the world consider the Neelam to possess magical powers, and folklores repeatedly allude to its involvement in enchantments and amulets. The stone is known to safeguard its potential wearer against all sorts of forces beyond one’s control and is known to protect them against natural disasters and unforeseen calamities, proving extremely beneficial to individuals who are in the habit or compulsion of frequent travelling. Owing to its long list of benefits and powers, the stone is popular as a trusted source of reliance by eminent individuals, especially those assuming important social positions that affect the community at large.

The most important thing to know about Neelam is the infamous reputation of the stone that comes with its fame. The gemstone is ascribed to Saturn or Shani, which is considered as almost a tyrannical deity at times. Being the birthstone of ‘Shani’ and is known to be a very volatile gemstone. Potential customers of the stone must definitely consult a trained astrologer before wearing the stone, as being worn by an incompatible individual can lead to disastrous consequences.  Do make sure to consult a trusted astrologer first.

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