Things You Can Expect From a SUV

Luxury Features

Sport utility vehicles may have the word “sport” in them, but many of them are loaded with luxury features that make your time on the road far more enjoyable. Many models come standard with luxury features like satellite radio, GPS, heated seats, a DVD player for your passengers, and more. Those models that don’t offer these and other features as standard equipment do generally offer them as an option.

Space for Everyone

SUVs today offer seating for between five and eight people in most cases. While some of the larger cars also offer seating for five, they often lack the extra headroom and leg room that an SUV offers. For families with older kids or those who simply don’t want to cram passengers into tight seating quarters, an SUV is a great option to consider. Further, most offer a significant amount of storage space as well.

A Size for All Needs

A sport utility vehicle is certainly a great choice for families as they provide plenty of space for the kids and even a few of their friends in the back seat. However, even singles and couples without kids are enjoying the benefits of an SUV. Today, there are smaller and larger sized SUVs, making it easy to find the right model to fit your own needs.


While many people do buy an SUV because of the extra seating they provide, these are vehicles that offer plenty of other functional uses as well. Most are loaded with the same power you would get in a smaller or mid-sized truck, making them ideal for pulling a boat or trailer. Many also feature rear seating that folds down to create a huge area of open space behind the front row of seats. This is ideal for toting things like band equipment, flowers and landscaping supplies, and so much more.