The Automotive Industry in Denmark: Thriving or Underdeveloped?

The automotive industry in Denmark is underdeveloped when compared to other European countries such as Germany and France.

France and Germany are world leaders in terms of the manufacturing of cars. In this article, we seek to find out why this is, and what the effects are on the country. When looking for car companies in Denmark, you find that there are only two manufacturers in the country. One of these companies manufactures vehicles for military and construction purposes, while the other manufactures and exports luxury cars that are too expensive for the average Dane. Although these companies have excellent reviews on sites such as, you find that most of these reviews are from foreign countries and people that have purchased one of the two vehicles that were manufactured in Denmark. That’s why car rental companies, such as CarFlexi, are growing in popularity. Read about this company’s reviews, customer services, products, services, and policies so you know what to expect when dealing with them for business.

We know Denmark for its environmentalism, with more Danes preferring to ride bicycles and use public transport to get to and from work. This is mainly because of the costs involved with owning a motor vehicle in Denmark. As there are no vehicle manufacturers in Denmark that offer affordable options on vehicles, they have imported most cars that are owned into the country. With extra costs, such as the high cost of road tax, fuel, insurance, as well as maintenance, this is not something most Danes can afford. When looking at the costs involved in buying or owning a car in Denmark, it is important to note the following costs:

  • The cost of registering a car is 105% of the value of the car.
  • The car needs to be insured. If you are foreign, and your previous driving record is not considered.
  • A drivers’ licence is a must.
  • Danes need to pay “gron afgift” which is an eco-tax that is charged based on your car’s mileage and the type of fuel you use in the vehicle.
  • Cars are required to be inspected every 4 years, with vehicles 4 years and older being inspected every 2 years.
  • While it is not a law, they recommend that car owners change their tires in Winter, as not all tires adhere to the cold road surfaces well, and could cause an accident.

There are a few alternatives to owning a car in Denmark, which is:

  1. Car Rental – there are many car rental companies available to choose from. One, CarFlexi, might interest you if you are looking to hire a car.
  2. Leasing a car for 1 to 2 years – Lease periods are for a minimum of 1 year with the option to renew, which is great for visitors who work in Denmark for a set period.
  3. Buying a used car – A used car would cost you less in insurance and registration fees.
  4. Car sharing companies – This is a fairly new concept in which you can hire a car for a specific amount of time, as little as an hour, or as long as a week.

In conclusion, owning a car in Denmark is often frowned upon, as it is different to the norm. Be sure that you know everything there is to know about all the costs involved in owning a car before you make your purchase. While the costs might be affordable to some, they might be exorbitant and an unnecessary expense for others.