Qualities for SUV Tire

Tires are important for any vehicle since they guarantee safety on the road. Here are some guidelines to use when purchasing tires for your SUV:

Load rate and size

This information is usually found on the manufacturer’s manual. SUV’s are of different models and makes with each having its specifications. It’s always important to buy a tire with the right specifications of load for your SUV.

It’s usually safe to buy tires that have the correct load rating recommended by the manufacturer. If you decide to go for bigger tires for a better look, buy one with the same load rating as the one recommended by the manufacturer. It’s also important to buy rims that fit your tire too.


As the vehicle becomes heavier, traction effects heightens. It is hence important to consider the SUV’s tread width. They usually differ in size from six inches and above. The tread design determines load carrying, tire rating speed and how the vehicle skids. It’s therefore important to buy tires that are like yours.

Choice of tires

It’s not given that tires that come with the SUV are perfect for it. The manufacturer ensures that load and speed ratings are correct but the different terrains the consumer uses for the vehicle are not considered. You can consider installing tires that are suitable for your SUV.

All terrain tires are good for SUV’s. Mostly SUV’s are for rough terrain. All terrain tires have a high load rating and hence suitable. The tires should handle loose and rough terrain. When used on rough terrain, the tread should protect the tire from damage.

All-season tires on the other hand are tires that can be used in any weather because they perform better. They have good adhesion and prevent the tread from wearing fast. The all-season tires also have a wide temperature operating rage.


It’s advisable to replace tires with the exact type that’s on your vehicle. In case you decide to change the tires, make sure you do a complete change on all four tires. If you cannot afford all four, replace the rear tires. This ensures uniformity of the tires. SUV’s are usually installed with computer systems to guarantee proper working of brakes and transmissions. If the wheels are of different sizes then the system will misread information.