Jeep Accessories

On Board Air Compressor

A Jeep on board air-compressor is a must have for any serious Jeep off-road driver because it serves a couple very important purposes. The first purpose for the onboard air-compressor is to help re-inflate the tires in case of an emergency. In addition, depending on the terrain, tire pressure varies to provide the best ground coverage and traction for the type of terrain present. With that being said, it is important to have an air-compressor onboard to inflate or deflate your tires to the proper pressure for the terrain.

Once an air-compressor is installed on your Jeep, another great accessory that compliments the air-compressor is the hookup kit. There are several good ones on the market. The Jeep owner will want to look for a kit that works with their particular air-compressor.

Good kits will include an air hose at least 20 feet in length, male and female tee fittings, male and female terminal connectors, ring terminal connectors, cable ties, air line clips and a continues grommet strip. It is also a good idea to make sure the kit includes the necessary attachments to inflate tires, clean parts and utilize other tools if necessary.

Computer Chip Calibrator

Another must have Jeep accessory for off-road drivers who take their trail riding seriously is a portable computer chip calibrator. Most people think these handy computers are only used for detecting engine codes, but they also can be used to adjust the performance of the on-board computer.

This on board Jeep accessory is available for most Jeep models. Many of the good ones like the Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer for the Jeep Wrangler 2007-2010 models can do anything a Jeep owner needs including: maximize horsepower, improve fuel economy, adjust shift points, recalibrate speedometer and even lower cooling fan on/off temps. This particular Jeep part can be updated online using a USB cable.

All Terrain Recovery Tool Kit

The last item on this list, but probably the first item any Jeep off-roader should have is an off-road recovery kit. These kits come in handy as a Jeep part because they have everything anyone needs to help remove their fellow Jeep owners (or themselves) from sticky situations.

A good Jeep all terrain recovery tool kit will include such high-tech items as a shovel, an axe, a sledgehammer and a pick axe. It is advisable that when purchasing this Jeep accessory that the handle for these tools be made out of steel and not wood. Wooden handle won’t be able to handle the weight of most Jeep Cherokees or Jeep Wranglers.