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Car Companies are Helping the World to Figth Covid19

I’m really disappointed about dozens of F1 and MotoGP race events being cancelled this year due to the covid19 pandemic. As a result of this, more and more people are going into simulation racing. Although, I was amazed at what companies like Ferrari and Fiat motors are doing right now to fight this terrible virus.

I’ve discovered they are in talks with ventilator companies to help boost the production of life saving machines. We don’t want motorsport race events to be cancelled like other big sporting features but during a crisis like this, Artificial Intelligence and manufacturing of life saving equipment is vital.

We need to adjust in order to survive, for example, thousands of Fiat and Ferrari employees may have lost their jobs due to the company needing to downsize, but a shift to manufacturing a product in demand has ensured the company will survive or even flourish.

Having said that, it’s possible they won’t just save the car company but also the entire human race. They could even extend and diversify their product lines with a stylish Ferrari mask!

IVS or Industrial Vision Systems are a major manufacturer of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision products, which are used for quality control, identification, inspection and code reading, with the use of smart camera systems and peripheral vision equipment. They are leading suppliers to companies using automated production processes all over the world. IVS supplies an incredible range of sectors, including providing vision solutions to the Automotive industry. Their “machine vision systems are used to inspect almost every type of part, component and sub-assembly in automotive production lines – from interior cloth checks to complete final car inspection.” ( This level of quality control inspection allows car manufacturers incredible peace of mind and confidence in their product. Complex automotive applications are used in this process and are detailed in full on their website.

Another sector at the forefront of our minds at the moment is the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry. Industrial Vision Systems manufacture machines that provide quality control checks and automatic decisions for critical pieces of equipment. The fight against Covid-19 requires speed but also precision and accuracy and this company is certainly providing the tools required.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and robotic systems into industries during the current climate, may change working practices for the better and reduce the demand for close proximity of staff, allowing for safer environments but also allow for companies to continue production at a high standard.

Covid19 has caused such loss in terms of lives and the economy, it’s clear that automotive, medical, electronic and pharmaceutical companies to name but a few, must work together to eliminate this awful virus and by combining their expertise and utilising Artificial Intelligence, we can achieve this victory!

As we go back to normal and enjoy the engine roar of various machines like: McLaren, Ducati, Mercedes, Honda, Red Bull, Suzuki, Yamaha and Toyota, all the global brands that I truly admire, let’s work together and defeat Covid 19.

How free car factory service manuals can help?

If you are being offered free car factory service manuals, whether online or offline, one must not shy in taking it. The reason is that these manuals can be of great help. Most of the people say that they already possess the owner’s manual so why they must spend some time or money searching for these booklets. Well, the service manual is very different from the owner’s manual. Here, we will let you know how a service manual can help you.

Understand your car

According to Your vehicle comes with numerous components that are joined together to make your car work. Each of them plays a different role in driving your car. If a single piece of puzzle goes missing or stops working appropriately, you will find yourself in a very difficult position as your car may not work. The service manuals allow you to go deep into your car. They are primarily developed for mechanics and dealerships so that they get to know all about car trucking rubbish removal the car parts and how they work.

Therefore, possessing and reading a maintenance and repair manual can be of great help. You get to know all about various parts of your vehicle. Everyone should have at least basic knowledge about the parts of his or her car.

Safety tips

While your owner’s manual may come with some dos and don’ts, there are a number Plate Maker of safety tips listed in the service booklets. These are helpful because they would not only tell you how to drive safely but, reading the guide, you will also get to know how you have to assure that all your car parts are doing correctly while you are on the road.

Do small tasks on your own

There are certain simple tasks that you, as a car owner, can do on your own. For instance, the basic cleaning can all be done if you go through the free car factory service manuals. Moreover, you will be able to deal with the changing of air filters and might be able to replace the spark plug too. Also, one can tackle with certain other components and be a DIY man when it comes to dealing with basic tasks.

5 Top tips to help improve communication between your siblings

If your teen children don’t get on very well, they argue and fight and even shape up to each other now and again, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Your attempts to mediate may well have failed, and your teens carry on confronting each other as per usual. But all is not lost. You may not realize it, but your teen siblings are meant to fight with each other. It’s all part of the process of them growing into responsible adults.

Of course, you can school them to negotiate and treat others with respect, even when they disagree. If you’d like to know more, here are five tips you can try.

Tip number one – stop constantly intervening

If you constantly intervene to try and break up fights between your teen children rather than letting them try to resolve them themselves, they are less likely to be able to resolve any conflicts. But they do need to be able to vent their frustrations because it creates valuable life experiences when dealing with their peers. You are stepping in means that they will only figure out how to deal with your authority. They won’t get any experience in dealing with the actual problem themselves.

Tip number two – getting to the root of the problem

Your siblings are likely showing anger and frustration without actually understanding what it is that upset them. Some expert advice on the subject talks about creating personal space, treating each other with fairness, and not being overly possessive. Without understanding the underlying causes, teens can very often outwardly display violent emotions, putting themselves and others at risk.

One way of getting your teens to have a less confrontational fight is by getting each one to explain exactly what it is that concerns them. By looking at causation, they could well be able to get to the fundamentals of their argument quicker, thus enabling them to concentrate on rectifying the problem. The faster they can reach a resolution; the less chance of their feelings being hurt.

You can say something like, “I know you two are having a disagreement about the car, but can you explain what it is that bothers you about letting the other one use it? Is it in some way unfair, or is it that you don’t trust your brother or sister? Let’s air the reason for the argument so you two can have a more meaningful discussion.”

Tip number three – reviewing the argument with your teens after the event

Having listened to your teens arguing, after the event it’s a good idea to revisit the altercation on a one-to-one basis. In the calm after the storm, you can discuss with each, certain ways of airing their differences more effectively, while showing respect to the other party.

Having this sort of discussion will allow the two combatants to calm down and try to reframe the disagreement, so that they stand a better chance of reaching an amicable outcome. One thing to bear in mind is that if you, as a parent, have to raise your voice, you lose the moral ground.

Tip number four – teaching the art of how to compromise

The next phase, when reviewing fights between teen siblings, is to try and get them to come up with ways of making compromises. From your point of view, dishing out punishments each time your teens get into a fight will do little to encourage their ability to negotiate.

Removing a teen’s privileges after fighting and withholding them until they come up with satisfactory compromises, is one option. But it’s an option you need to keep under constant review. The sooner that your teens can resolve these sorts of issues themselves, the sooner you can stop imposing punishments.

Tip number five – banning personal abuse

While it is natural and healthy to allow your siblings to let-loose as they struggle to deal with each other in a more respectful way, if it looks like the argument is about to get aggressive or abusive, you need to stop it straight away. Violence is always totally unacceptable, and if it’s not stopped immediately, it can cause long-lasting psychological trauma.

It doesn’t do anybody any good when one teen is scared of the other. Likewise, it’s very unhealthy if one of the siblings becomes a bully. If you can spot either of these things happening, whether it’s verbal abuse, physical abuse, or the use of unacceptable language, you need to intervene.

You can try saying something like, “Okay, this has gone too far. Things are getting horribly personal and nasty. Stop the argument right now, and let’s have a reasonable cooling down period, after which we can return to the argument in a more responsible manner.”

Conclusion – all figured out

By following these five tips to improve communication between your teens and resolve conflicts more amicably, you will be making big strides in terms of dampening your teens’ propensity to fight. But, developing arguing skills is important and will help your teen siblings in future in terms of knowing how to stand up for themselves and get things changed in a firm and respectful way.

Disagreements are a part of everyday life, and the sooner you can school your teens in arguing effectively, the easier they will find it to negotiate future conflicts and arrive at amicable solutions that avoid anyone getting hurt.

Author Bio:

Andy Earle is a researcher who studies parent-teen communication and adolescent risk behaviors. He is the co-founder of, ghostwriter at, and host of the Talking to Teens podcast, a free weekly talk show for parents of teenagers.

The Big Reason Fewer of us Can Fix Our Own Car

A study by ethical car recycling company Scrap Car Network found that we can’t identify many of the really important parts of our car engines.

This is perhaps surprising, as mechanically, very little has changed in the past thirty years or so.

Engines are Pretty Much the Same as They’ve Always Been

Modern cars use the same type of combustion engine that’s always been used. This type of engine mixes fuel with air which is then inducted into several cylinders. A series of pistons compress the mixture, and a spark then ignites it. The combustion pushes a set of pistons that move up and down. A crankshaft then translates this motion into linear movement, which makes the car move.

However, Modern Engines are More Efficient & Powerful Than Ever

Modern engines are much more efficient and powerful than those found in classic cars. This is because they make use of advanced components that can extract more energy from the fuel.

Features such as direct injection and turbochargers, devices that use compressed air from exhausts, appear to be commonplace in new engines. While other features, such as variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation make sure the right amount of fuel is extracted from the engine, making it as efficient as possible.

In the past, engines were made of mechanical components that could wear out quickly over time. These included things such as carburetors, distributors, and caps. Fast-forward to today, and these have now been replaced with electronic fuel injection systems and throttle bodies that help make the engine as efficient as possible.

Another big difference between classic and modern engines is that modern ones now feature a whole multitude of different electronic sensors. This means that a range of things is measured inside and outside modern engines, making them much more efficient and powerful. Modern engines are also much less likely to fail.

Unlike Classic Engines, Modern Versions Most Likely Need to be Repaired by a Skilled Professional

The main reason for this is because modern engines are now concealed over a plastic cover.

There are many reasons for this. First and foremost, it maintains a tidier appearance when the bonnet is lifted. However, many of these covers serve a deeper purpose than pure aesthetics.

Some of them help the engine run quieter, both inside and out of the car. While others help control airflow and maintain an appropriate level of cooling so the engine can continue to perform well.

With these positives also come negatives. In the past, car owners were able to perform updates relatively smoothly with just a couple of essential tools and the appropriate Haynes manual for their make and model of car.

Now, because car engines are covered, this discourages owners from doing so. Ultimately, this means that fewer and fewer of us are fixing our own cars. Instead, taking it in to the mechanic for repairs and servicing.

Top 10 most unusual bars in the US

Themed bars offer a fun and exciting experience. In the United States, there are some crazy concepts. Throughout the country, these unusual bears are doing their utmost to offer their guests unforgettable moments.

1.San Francisco’s Dungeon (San Francisco)

Normally, seeing a huge rat tumble on the table while sipping your IPA peacefully is not pleasant and can seriously question the cleanliness of the establishment. San Francisco’s Dungeon, on the other hand, is normal. Welcome to the US side rat bar. The concept is a bit the same as for a cat bar because here, the rats all belong to Radical Rongent Rescue, a conservation association for rats. They do not come out of the sewers and do not carry the virus of the black plague. Well, that said, this bar was an ephemeral bar that only opened for a few days in June. But who knows? Maybe one day someone will have the idea to really open a rat bar…

2. Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium (Atlanta, Georgia)

Perhaps the bar with the longest name in the history of bars. A totally improbable thing, with many objects relating to religion, luminous angels, crucifixes and other artistic decorations of good taste, and of course ping pong. Tournaments are even organized throughout the year, while loudspeakers broadcast sacred music. Westin Atlanta is the place to stay while touring Georgia.

3. Mutts Canine Cantina (Dallas, Texas)

Who has not dreamed, after a long day of work, to get ready with their four-legged friend to go down to grab a beer or two at the local bar? Well, in Mutts Canine Cantina it is possible. Here, you can come with your dog! Dogs can enjoy ice cream specifically made for them, a patio, a park, and all sorts of cool stuff without alcohol.

4. Please Do not Tell (New York, New York)

To go to this bar, you must book in advance. When the day comes, you walk in and go to a phone booth to let them know you’ve arrived. There, we are invited to enter a hot dog vendor to finally reach the bar. Decorated with stuffed animals, this hidden bar (but legal), serves superb cocktails.

5. Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Located inside the Hotel Monteleone, this bar, unlike any other dating back to 1949, offers its customers a drink around a carousel. The problem is that this adult carousel moves, so we tend to feel drunk before we reach the limit. That said, it’s beautiful and a fun place to hang out and see while in New Orleans.

6. The Lovecraft Bar (Portland, OR)

If you’re a fan of Lovecraft, this place is for you. At any time, Cthulhu can cross the floor to pay you blows! Otherwise, the atmosphere is horror, with decoration inspired by the writings of Lovecraft and events in tune organized throughout the year. Funny detail, here there is no happy hour but an un-happy hour, where you can enjoy discounted drinks.

7. Unicorn (Seattle, Washington)

The paradise of unicorns and corn dogs! You can also enjoy fried unicorn balls or balls of fried unicorns. The class! In addition, there are arcade stations, photo booths, and karaoke.

8. The Tunnel Bar (Northampton, Massachusetts)

Beautiful wooden tables, upholstered chairs, and 600 different kinds of rums! All in a tunnel! If Jack Sparrow really existed, he would surely get drunk here.

9. Rusty Mullets (Los Angeles, California)

This one we love! Here, we celebrate the mullet cut and the state of mind that goes with it. Redneck America, with cheap beer for $1 during happy hour. The food is also very simple and delicious. And as if that were not enough, when the weather permits, parties are held outside, on the beach.

10. Minus5 Ice Bar (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The craziest city in the world had to be on this list. Because if you can find conventional bars, you can also find many more original establishments, such as this Minus5 Ice Bar, which is hidden in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. A bar in which it is only 5 degrees Celsius. At the entrance, as we are in Las Vegas and therefore rarely prepared to face such cold temperatures, you must pay a few dollars to rent a coat and gloves. You can also pay more for less basic outfits. Ice is everywhere. The glasses are also not glass but ice. Perfect for a good thermal shock in Summer!

Planning for Having a Camping in Auckland with Campervan

Do you ever hear about Campervan? Well, for the traveler, they may have familiar with the term Campervan. It’s one of the alternative ways for the traveler to enjoy their trip. This campervan is getting interested in the traveler due to the low cost and simplicity. You don’t need to rent a hotel and a car anymore for the movement since you have it in one Campervan. Moreover, this campervan also allows you to move freely from one region to another region. However, if you want to rent a campervan, you need to consider several things such as the price, facility, insurance, and others.

A place for renting a campervan

Well, if you have any plan for renting a campervan, you need to find a good shop that offers the renting service of a campervan. If you have a plan for staying in Auckland, you can find several places that offer the renting service of Campervans in Auckland. You can rent the campervans from the private seller, dealership, and car market. Each place provides some advantages. What you need to do is just choosing the place based on your circumstances and ability. For example, if you want to rent from the private seller, you may choose to buy in their house. It will give you a high possibility to get a good machine car. However, if you want to rent from the private seller on the road, you may need to check the condition of the machine. You can bring your own technician or call to place an AA inspection. It will cost about NZD$160. Or else, if you want to rent from a dealership, you will get a new WOF, new service, and a good mechanical machine. It means that you don’t need to call a technician. In addition, they still give 30-days mechanical warranty. This warranty can be made longer for up to 12 months. If you have a plan to rent a campervan in the car market, you need to be careful since the seller often sells a scrap car. You will also not get the warranty for the mechanical service. Therefore, you need to be careful about that.

Tips in Purchasing a campervan

If you want to buy a Campervan, you may need several tips so that you can choose the right car. The first tip is that you need to spare some extra costs for diesel cars. After you purchase the diesel cars, you may need to register the car. Therefore, you need more cost in the registration process. Actually, there are two types of Campervan which are self-contained campervan and in a self-contained campervan. The second tip is that you need to check the machine when you want to buy it in the private seller. You can check the machine before the deal is settled. This will help you to get a good car. The third one is checking the reviews online for the dealership. You need to do this if you want to buy from the dealership. Last but not least, you need to check the legality of the car.

How LED Headlights can Help Illuminate the Road

LED or light-emitting diode headlights have slowly become a common addition to new car models, taking over the halogen headlights. But the transition is more than just an evolution of the technology. It has a lot of benefits and advantages for the way people drive before, during or after business hours in a situation where the light is close to dim.

Improvements and developments include a better beam focus and illumination. It is its most significant difference from halogen bulbs. Light Emitting Diode headlights can illuminate the road 25% farther than their counterparts, and the high-beam settings offer an increased improvement over the low-beam settings according to studies conducted by the American Automobile Association.

How LED projects the light will illustrate its improvements over its counterpart. It is much better when it comes to the ability to project beams where you needed them the most and deal with light scatters, where halogen reflectors do not have a definite cutoff when it comes to the way they distribute the light. To know more about this topic, make sure you visit websites like for more information.

Whether these kinds of headlights – which is usually consist of multiple LEDs – are set to high or low beam depends on the amount of Light Emitting Diode that is shining. When they are set too low beam, every bulb will adjust to create a defined line so no light will come out above the beam.

Using the high beam

But despite the improvements they bring in the technological standpoint, they still face a problem that is very common with car bulbs, which can’t illuminate roads to unlimited distance, as well as susceptible to wear and tear. Despite the improvement in brightness over its halogen counterpart, Light Emitting Diode, usually, do not fully illuminate the road while travelling at high speeds.

They do a better job of illuminating the way, usually in low-beam applications over a halogen reflector in 150 feet or more-test. Still, that will bring the max car speed at around 50 miles per hour, so they are still falling short of roadway speed. To help compensate for the limitation of the device, high beams need to be used more regularly.

The best advice drivers need if you are on the road with no lights and there is incoming traffic at a reasonable distance, you need to be driving your vehicle with high beams on. If your vehicle has an automatic high-beam setting on, you need to make sure that they are activated.

Since if you are traveling at highway speed without a proper lighting system, you are not able to pick up on non-reflective objects. Experts noted that drivers who change from halogen headlights to light-emitting diode would immediately notice a big difference in how clearly, they can see the road.

But it does not mean that everything in the beam can be observed immediately. What drivers are seeing using and LED light is the reflective objects on the road. As with the illuminating device, the light-emitting diode headlamp that is on cars operating in places that has a hotter temperature will face an increase in the deterioration of its ultraviolet shield.

It will result in a dim or cloudy lamp, which can reduce the light output, as well as increase the scatter that can result in glare. Whenever the deterioration takes place, the light that spread will become more of an issue. Fewer lights can get out of the lamp lens as well as the light is not directed at the place that they need to go. Experts found out that the lens restoration can usually result in at least 60% less headlight scatter. Click here to know how vehicle lighting works.

Restoration of headlamps is highly recommended, as well as adequate cleaning of the lamp to make sure that the vehicle is operating at its maximum potential and avoid unnecessary accidents. The lamps need to be cleaned regularly and adequately, as well as ultraviolet protection is the right thing to put on your lamp assembly.

Things to Know and What to Expect from An Auto Transport Service

People are aware that there are a lot of auto shipping companies in the city, but they have doubts about such services. They are not sure if they are going to entrust their belonging to the transport company or they will just drive the car. Well, you have to be firm with this decision. I guess the first thing that you are worried about is the expenses. Which do you think will be costly, to pay for the service or fuel? This is good enough for you to choose, whether to go for it or not.

Now, if you have decided to deal with the auto transport service, then you may check on for your reference. This is just one of the trusted sites, where you can get a quote or estimate for your shipping needs. However, this does not mean that you will immediately accept a transaction with them. You have to be sure before doing this because with the online booking, you are required to pay, using your credit card. And then, if you would like to cancel this before of your doubts, you may not be able to get your money back or maybe paying cancellation fees.

Of course, you don’t want to experience such things, right? That’s why you have to know more about this type of service and what you should expect from it. I know that you can learn from your family, friends and customer reviews as well. However, you need further reading, can, later on, choose the most reliable company that will transport your car with care and protection.


Basically, you should check, if this firm has an insurance and then, ask for a valid proof. It is very important to know if your car is covered when damages to your belonging are covered due to unavoidable incidents.

Pretty sure that you also applied for your own car insurance policy. Therefore, it would great to ask the insurer, if your vehicle is covered when under the hands of the auto shipping firms.

Be reminded that insurance is a must and every driver or automobile owner should apply one. It is a vital part of the business and one of your responsibilities as well.

Picking Up

Let’s say that you have already booked and paid the transporter. The next thing that will happen is for them to pick up your vehicle. The details like the pickup address, telephone number, and your name must be very clear. Make sure that you are around during this time because they also need to inspect the automobile.

As a part of your preparation, you have to make sure that the vehicle is ready for transport – find out more about how you are going to prepare this report. Anyway, you should have hired an expert to inspect it and to affirm that it is in a good running condition. It is also necessary to take photos of the vehicle because this can be used as proof that no damages or scratches were present before it was shipped. By the way, you also need to report any issue that is related to your car to avoid interrogations.

For example, the bumper at the back or other mechanical parts has an issue. Now, you have to discuss it with the transporters for their awareness. Anyway, this will also be noted down in the report during their inspection and this document will be signed both by the client and the transporter.


You have to know how your vehicle will be transported. This will depend on how much budget you have and the distance from the point of origin to the destination. One of the options would be by the sea. Of course, the automobile has to travel along the ocean. Do not worry because these cargo ships can usually carry a load of about 5,000 cars. And they move from one port to another across different cities and countries.

Another option for you to choose from is, by rail. Well, traveling by train is also a good choice, especially when delivering the automobile over a long distance. However, there are trains with limited destinations. In this case, the transporters need to load the vehicles from one station to another station. Though sometimes, this is really needed when this is already the fastest and best route. I guess you should not worry about your auto because this is properly secured and kept on the auto racks. And then, there are also trains that are specifically designed to carry about 800 cars.

The last option would be by tractor-trailer trucks. This is another way to transport vehicles for about 12 autos. These automatic trailers come with double-decks and use a hydraulic ramp for ease of lowering and raising the cars.


Delivery day is the most exciting part of this transaction. Here, you will have to meet the transporters. This will only happen if you are going to give them a valid address, which you will surely do so that you can receive the vehicle. On this day, you also need to observe the date because it has to be on time. If there would be a delay, then the auto shipping company must inform you and give you a valid reason, why there is a sudden change of time or day. This is done to show that the clients are given respect and to experience quality customer support.

By the way, during this time, your automobile is supposed to be inspected for damages or scratches. You may do it or hire someone to do the inspection and make the report for you. Keep in mind that you have taken photos before the pickup day. If something odd was seen, then the photos and previous inspection reports may be used as a basis or proof. Do not forget that there would be insurance to cover any damages. Therefore, be very sure that it was clearly discussed before dealing with them.

Technology Road

Ford explained that no one company or industry would be able to solve the mobility issue alone. And, the effectiveness of any plan would be contingent on customer acceptance of new technologies.

Ford predicted, “If we do nothing, we face the prospect of ‘global gridlock’, a never-ending traffic jam that wastes time, energy and resources and even compromises the flow of commerce and healthcare.” He continued, “The cooperation needed between the automotive and telecommunications industries will be greater than ever as we prepare for and manage the future. We will need to develop new technologies, as well as new ways of looking at the world.”

With the fast-paced increase in in-vehicle technologies, we can see that the telecommunications industry is critical in the creation of an inter-connected transportation system where cars are intelligent and can talk to one another as well as the infrastructure around them. Ford’s suggestion is that now is the time for us to be looking at vehicles on the road the same way we look at smartphones, laptops and tablets; as pieces of a much bigger, richer network.

The company’s “Blueprint for Mobility” will seek solutions for a problem that is already becoming a reality in expanding vehicle markets around the world. In Sao Paulo, traffic jams regularly exceed 100 miles long and the average commute lasts between 2 and 3 hours a day. Despite this, car buying is growing at a rate of 7.5 percent annually. In China, the world’s longest period of gridlock was registered at 11 days.

The problem is not restricted to emerging markets, either. For example, it is estimated that the cost of congestion to the economy in England through lost time will rise to around $35 billion annually by 2025. In Germany, sustaining a town of 300,000 people is estimated to require 1,000 truck deliveries daily.

Solving the issue of urban mobility is a huge challenge that will only be successful if government collaboration, infrastructure development and industry come together globally.

Ford said with the company’s blueprint will set near, mid- and long-term goals for significant reductions in the company’s global environmental footprint.

In the next 5 to 7 years, Ford plans to be at the forefront of developing increasingly intuitive in-car mobile communications options and driver interfaces that proactively alert drivers to traffic jams and accidents. They have already successfully experimented with this technology in England and in Germany.

Another near term plan is to deliver a better-connected, safer and more efficient driving experience with limited autonomous functions for parking and driving in slow-moving traffic – building on existing Ford features including Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Active City Stop. Many Ford vehicle’s already have the foundation of this technology and some can even be “upgraded” to offer ways to let a driver move through traffic jams in a more efficient and safe manner with the car essentially driving on auto pilot.

Within the next five to ten years, Ford will introduce semi-autonomous driving technology including driver-initiated “auto pilot” capabilities and vehicle platooning in limited situations – technologies that will provide improved safety and driver assistance features, but allow the driver to take control, if needed.

They also plan to increase interaction between individual cars on the road through utilization of ever-increasing computing power and numbers of sensors in vehicles, helping reduce the number of accidents at intersections and enabling limited semi-autonomous and autonomous highway lane changing and exiting.

And, the arrival of vehicle-to-cloud and vehicle-to infrastructure communication that contributes to greater time and energy efficiency by enabling vehicles to recommend alternative transport options when congestion is unavoidable and to pre-reserve parking at destinations.

Ford told the mobility conference, “Cars are becoming mobile communications platforms and as such, they are a great untapped opportunity for the telecommunications industry. Right now, there are a billion computing devices in the form of individual vehicles out on our roads. They’re largely unconnected from one another and the network.”

He continued, “We’ll increasingly take advantage of the car as a rolling collection of sensors to reduce congestion and help prevent accidents. I’m confident that we will see many of these advances on the road in this mid-term period because the early versions are already being designed, and in most cases, tested.”

Long term plans call for radically different transportation landscape where pedestrian, bicycle, private car, commercial and public transportation traffic will be woven into a single connected network to save time, conserve resources, lower emissions and improve safety.

This would include smart vehicles capable of fully autonomous navigation, with increased “auto pilot” operating duration, plus the arrival of autonomous valet functions, delivering effortless vehicle parking and storage. Obviously there may be many changes on the technology horizon. It’s good to see that one of America’s innovative automobile companies is at the forefront helping to set new world standards that can make driving safer, more efficient and more enjoyable for everyone.

Mazda Performance Parts

The automobile is one of the greatest luxuries of life. After all, who really wants to use two feet when they can use four wheels and save the stress son their tender legs. With that said, a number of different car brands design fabulous cars that catch the eyes of numerous car enthusiasts. Among one of the better vehicle manufactures include Mazda. Mazda automobiles are known for their super classy style and cool little sports cars. The Mazda Miata is a one if the top little cars that Mazda makes and that people all over the world love. The ideal thing about Mazda is that they make great performance parts that can be used to make these already zippy cars even quicker.

Unlike many automobile brands that have parts that are hard to come by, Mazda performance parts can easily be found any regular automobile parts stores all across the nation and world. In an effort to provide consumers with more choices for high caliber backup parts for repairing, replacing, and customizing their Mazda’s; automobile stores are now offering an even more extensive line of Mazda parts. Some of the cool Mazda performance parts include high quality body and frame parts, car lamps, and other vehicle accessories that will dazzle the eye. They also offer intake systems, exhaust systems, breaking kits, body kits, suspension kits, and other kits and systems that are specifically designed to fit Mazda prototypes.