The car DVR system allows you to have a recording of anyone that breaks into or vandalizes your property. Millions of cars are vandalized each year. Some of these vehicles are parked in the driveways of their owners while others are parked in secure parking garages. The vandalism does not just occur in the seedy parts of town where cars are parked on the edges of streets that are poorly lit.

Many thieves love to break into automobiles and steal the stereo equipment that is in them. We spend large amounts of time in our vehicles and many people spend large amounts of money putting stereo equipment in their vehicles that is very expensive. They want to be able to enjoy their music, but thieves love to steal these items and sell them on the black market. The car DVR can prove who stole your stereo equipment and can stop them from stealing from anyone else in the future.

The car DVR can also stop thieves from stealing your automobile for the seats that are in it, or the video equipment that is in it. There are thieves that strip cars to sell the parts to parts suppliers who then sell them to people who need the item to repair their cars. This is big money in some areas and there are some automobiles that are worth more as parts than they were worth as a whole.

If you have to leave your vehicle at train stations, bus stations, and airports while you are away on business then these systems can allow you to leave them with the peace of mind that should anything happen to them you will be able to identify the perpetrator and get your items replaced through your insurance company. You may also get a reduced insurance rate because you install this type of security system. A car DVR can afford you peace of mind when you have to leave your car in a parking garage or parking lot for long periods.