Car Companies are Helping the World to Figth Covid19

I’m really disappointed about dozens of F1 and MotoGP race events being cancelled this year due to the covid19 pandemic. As a result of this, more and more people are going into simulation racing. Although, I was amazed at what companies like Ferrari and Fiat motors are doing right now to fight this terrible virus.

I’ve discovered they are in talks with ventilator companies to help boost the production of life saving machines. We don’t want motorsport race events to be cancelled like other big sporting features but during a crisis like this, Artificial Intelligence and manufacturing of life saving equipment is vital.

We need to adjust in order to survive, for example, thousands of Fiat and Ferrari employees may have lost their jobs due to the company needing to downsize, but a shift to manufacturing a product in demand has ensured the company will survive or even flourish.

Having said that, it’s possible they won’t just save the car company but also the entire human race. They could even extend and diversify their product lines with a stylish Ferrari mask!

IVS or Industrial Vision Systems are a major manufacturer of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision products, which are used for quality control, identification, inspection and code reading, with the use of smart camera systems and peripheral vision equipment. They are leading suppliers to companies using automated production processes all over the world. IVS supplies an incredible range of sectors, including providing vision solutions to the Automotive industry. Their “machine vision systems are used to inspect almost every type of part, component and sub-assembly in automotive production lines – from interior cloth checks to complete final car inspection.” ( This level of quality control inspection allows car manufacturers incredible peace of mind and confidence in their product. Complex automotive applications are used in this process and are detailed in full on their website.

Another sector at the forefront of our minds at the moment is the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry. Industrial Vision Systems manufacture machines that provide quality control checks and automatic decisions for critical pieces of equipment. The fight against Covid-19 requires speed but also precision and accuracy and this company is certainly providing the tools required.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and robotic systems into industries during the current climate, may change working practices for the better and reduce the demand for close proximity of staff, allowing for safer environments but also allow for companies to continue production at a high standard.

Covid19 has caused such loss in terms of lives and the economy, it’s clear that automotive, medical, electronic and pharmaceutical companies to name but a few, must work together to eliminate this awful virus and by combining their expertise and utilising Artificial Intelligence, we can achieve this victory!

As we go back to normal and enjoy the engine roar of various machines like: McLaren, Ducati, Mercedes, Honda, Red Bull, Suzuki, Yamaha and Toyota, all the global brands that I truly admire, let’s work together and defeat Covid 19.