Avoiding the Tow

Avoid Running low on Gas/Petrol

This seems like a fairly obvious point, but it is surprising how often this is overlooked during the course of our daily activities; we may be too hurried or busy to check the fuel gauge slowly depleting. In order to avoid this make a schedule of when you’ll get the fuel refilled. Every three days should do it, or every Wednesday and Saturday (you get the idea). Or you can mark a point on the gauge, beneath which you do not allow the needle to go, if it’s near that marked point get it filled. Or if you run out very frequently it’s suggested that keep 5 gallons of fuel in your garage just in case.

Vital Signs

While at a gas station waiting as your car gets refueled, instead of checking social media, check your car for any signs of trouble. Not all of us are car enthusiasts and we may not know what to look for but there are a few basic things which anyone can look out for. Check your tires first of all, how is the tread? Do any of the tires look lower than the others? If you can’t arrange a tire pressure cause then simply use your foot to press down and get a feel for the tire pressure – you’ll know when it’s below normal. Next check for signs of debris beneath your car – if you see anything hanging on the underside that’s usually a bad sign.

Helpful Habits

It’s a good idea to get your car a tune up every once in a while. For newer models a full checkup is recommended every 5000 – 6000 km, for cars older thanĀ  one is recommended for every 3k km. It’s also a good thing to learn how to change a tire – our dependence on machines may cause us to overlook such simple and useful skills but it can be a lifesaver. While we’re on the topic of changing tires it’s always a good idea to keep a spare tire in your trunk – every car usually does but it’s good to check. And finally there is a list of tools that should always be in your car’s trunk: Jumper Cables, Screw Driver, Lug Wrench, Jack, Jack Stand, Small Hammer and a multipurpose wrench. These tools will help you get of many a jam.