Month: October 2019

How LED Headlights can Help Illuminate the Road

LED or light-emitting diode headlights have slowly become a common addition to new car models, taking over the halogen headlights. But the transition is more than just an evolution of the technology. It has a lot of benefits and advantages for the way people drive before, during or after business hours in a situation where the light is close to dim.

Improvements and developments include a better beam focus and illumination. It is its most significant difference from halogen bulbs. Light Emitting Diode headlights can illuminate the road 25% farther than their counterparts, and the high-beam settings offer an increased improvement over the low-beam settings according to studies conducted by the American Automobile Association.

How LED projects the light will illustrate its improvements over its counterpart. It is much better when it comes to the ability to project beams where you needed them the most and deal with light scatters, where halogen reflectors do not have a definite cutoff when it comes to the way they distribute the light. To know more about this topic, make sure you visit websites like for more information.

Whether these kinds of headlights – which is usually consist of multiple LEDs – are set to high or low beam depends on the amount of Light Emitting Diode that is shining. When they are set too low beam, every bulb will adjust to create a defined line so no light will come out above the beam.

Using the high beam

But despite the improvements they bring in the technological standpoint, they still face a problem that is very common with car bulbs, which can’t illuminate roads to unlimited distance, as well as susceptible to wear and tear. Despite the improvement in brightness over its halogen counterpart, Light Emitting Diode, usually, do not fully illuminate the road while travelling at high speeds.

They do a better job of illuminating the way, usually in low-beam applications over a halogen reflector in 150 feet or more-test. Still, that will bring the max car speed at around 50 miles per hour, so they are still falling short of roadway speed. To help compensate for the limitation of the device, high beams need to be used more regularly.

The best advice drivers need if you are on the road with no lights and there is incoming traffic at a reasonable distance, you need to be driving your vehicle with high beams on. If your vehicle has an automatic high-beam setting on, you need to make sure that they are activated.

Since if you are traveling at highway speed without a proper lighting system, you are not able to pick up on non-reflective objects. Experts noted that drivers who change from halogen headlights to light-emitting diode would immediately notice a big difference in how clearly, they can see the road.

But it does not mean that everything in the beam can be observed immediately. What drivers are seeing using and LED light is the reflective objects on the road. As with the illuminating device, the light-emitting diode headlamp that is on cars operating in places that has a hotter temperature will face an increase in the deterioration of its ultraviolet shield.

It will result in a dim or cloudy lamp, which can reduce the light output, as well as increase the scatter that can result in glare. Whenever the deterioration takes place, the light that spread will become more of an issue. Fewer lights can get out of the lamp lens as well as the light is not directed at the place that they need to go. Experts found out that the lens restoration can usually result in at least 60% less headlight scatter. Click here to know how vehicle lighting works.

Restoration of headlamps is highly recommended, as well as adequate cleaning of the lamp to make sure that the vehicle is operating at its maximum potential and avoid unnecessary accidents. The lamps need to be cleaned regularly and adequately, as well as ultraviolet protection is the right thing to put on your lamp assembly.

Things to Know and What to Expect from An Auto Transport Service

People are aware that there are a lot of auto shipping companies in the city, but they have doubts about such services. They are not sure if they are going to entrust their belonging to the transport company or they will just drive the car. Well, you have to be firm with this decision. I guess the first thing that you are worried about is the expenses. Which do you think will be costly, to pay for the service or fuel? This is good enough for you to choose, whether to go for it or not.

Now, if you have decided to deal with the auto transport service, then you may check on for your reference. This is just one of the trusted sites, where you can get a quote or estimate for your shipping needs. However, this does not mean that you will immediately accept a transaction with them. You have to be sure before doing this because with the online booking, you are required to pay, using your credit card. And then, if you would like to cancel this before of your doubts, you may not be able to get your money back or maybe paying cancellation fees.

Of course, you don’t want to experience such things, right? That’s why you have to know more about this type of service and what you should expect from it. I know that you can learn from your family, friends and customer reviews as well. However, you need further reading, can, later on, choose the most reliable company that will transport your car with care and protection.


Basically, you should check, if this firm has an insurance and then, ask for a valid proof. It is very important to know if your car is covered when damages to your belonging are covered due to unavoidable incidents.

Pretty sure that you also applied for your own car insurance policy. Therefore, it would great to ask the insurer, if your vehicle is covered when under the hands of the auto shipping firms.

Be reminded that insurance is a must and every driver or automobile owner should apply one. It is a vital part of the business and one of your responsibilities as well.

Picking Up

Let’s say that you have already booked and paid the transporter. The next thing that will happen is for them to pick up your vehicle. The details like the pickup address, telephone number, and your name must be very clear. Make sure that you are around during this time because they also need to inspect the automobile.

As a part of your preparation, you have to make sure that the vehicle is ready for transport – find out more about how you are going to prepare this report. Anyway, you should have hired an expert to inspect it and to affirm that it is in a good running condition. It is also necessary to take photos of the vehicle because this can be used as proof that no damages or scratches were present before it was shipped. By the way, you also need to report any issue that is related to your car to avoid interrogations.

For example, the bumper at the back or other mechanical parts has an issue. Now, you have to discuss it with the transporters for their awareness. Anyway, this will also be noted down in the report during their inspection and this document will be signed both by the client and the transporter.


You have to know how your vehicle will be transported. This will depend on how much budget you have and the distance from the point of origin to the destination. One of the options would be by the sea. Of course, the automobile has to travel along the ocean. Do not worry because these cargo ships can usually carry a load of about 5,000 cars. And they move from one port to another across different cities and countries.

Another option for you to choose from is, by rail. Well, traveling by train is also a good choice, especially when delivering the automobile over a long distance. However, there are trains with limited destinations. In this case, the transporters need to load the vehicles from one station to another station. Though sometimes, this is really needed when this is already the fastest and best route. I guess you should not worry about your auto because this is properly secured and kept on the auto racks. And then, there are also trains that are specifically designed to carry about 800 cars.

The last option would be by tractor-trailer trucks. This is another way to transport vehicles for about 12 autos. These automatic trailers come with double-decks and use a hydraulic ramp for ease of lowering and raising the cars.


Delivery day is the most exciting part of this transaction. Here, you will have to meet the transporters. This will only happen if you are going to give them a valid address, which you will surely do so that you can receive the vehicle. On this day, you also need to observe the date because it has to be on time. If there would be a delay, then the auto shipping company must inform you and give you a valid reason, why there is a sudden change of time or day. This is done to show that the clients are given respect and to experience quality customer support.

By the way, during this time, your automobile is supposed to be inspected for damages or scratches. You may do it or hire someone to do the inspection and make the report for you. Keep in mind that you have taken photos before the pickup day. If something odd was seen, then the photos and previous inspection reports may be used as a basis or proof. Do not forget that there would be insurance to cover any damages. Therefore, be very sure that it was clearly discussed before dealing with them.