Transmission Trouble

  1. Change the Transmission oil and filter at least once every 50K miles.
  2. When you start your vehicle let it set in neutral to the count of 20 before you put it in gear every morning.
  3. Come to a complete stop before you shift into neutral, reverse, or drive.
  4. Check transmission fluid frequently and NEVER over fill it.
  5. Never spin your tires on pavement, this causes wear and tear on your transmission.

Taking care of your transmission is not difficult, but it does require serious thought as to drive patterns, behaviors, and habits of the driver. You must consider your vehicle and never expect more than it should be able to provide mechanically. Overextending the simple uses wear on engine and transmission parts.

Keep your tires aired to regulation levels and carefully consider your driving habits. Do they need to change?

Becoming a good driver also means being a safer driver. Extending the life of your vehicle with good driving habits may actually save your life. Consider the alternative to bad driving habits.

  • lower gas mileage
  • longer tire wear
  • better long term performance
  • lower costs and repairs
  • better maintenance values
  • less wear and tear on vehicle
  • better resale market values

Hybrid SUV

Various Models Made

There are a variety of hybrid SUV models that are being made today. Both Lexus and Toyota offer their own hybrid SUV models. You’ll also find that Honda offers a hybrid SUV, but it is considered to be a very mild hybrid. While there still are not a whole variety of different hybrid SUV models being made today, in the future it is expected that more manufacturers will begin producing a variety of different SUV hybrids.

Features and Functions

There are a variety of features and functions that will come along with a hybrid SUV. Usually you will find that when you are driving at lower speeds, the electric motor will provide most of the momentum for the vehicle and the extra power is used to help recharge the batteries in the vehicle. Also, these vehicles have continuously variable transmissions in them as well, which mean that the gears shift smoothly and provide smooth power no matter which mode you are in.

A Solution to High Gas Prices

One of the best things about owning a hybrid SUV is that they can help to offer a solution for high gas prices. For those who need to drive SUVs, gas prices really have made an impact. With gas close to three dollars a gallon and SUVs getting very low gas mileage, it can definitely cramp your budget. Having a hybrid SUV can help you save on gas prices without you have to go with a car that is much smaller than what you really need. So, for those who are feeling the crunch of high gas prices, a hybrid SUV is a great option.

Great for Heavy Duty Needs

Another reason that many people are thrilled with the idea of a hybrid SUV is because it is great for heavy duty needs. It has the power needed to haul and tow, and this is especially aided b the special continuously variable transmission that offers you all the power you need at any gear level. So, for those who need something heavy duty and fuel efficient, once again the hybrid SUV is an excellent choice.

High Occupancy SUV

Most SUVs now will seat between 7 to 9 passengers comfortably, still allotting storage space in open space trunk. This is part of the attraction of these high occupancy vehicles, especially to those with a large family. The space inside of these SUVs allows for room an comfort of each passenger. Many SUVs now even feature special modifications to allow for each passenger to have their own source of entertainment as well, such as LCD televisions in headrest, independent radio controls with headphone jacks, and even individual climate control features. These little features allow for even more comfortable trips, whether the trip is down the road for groceries, or a cross country road trip.

The ability to contain such high occupancy comes from the size of the vehicle. Usually, SUVs tend to be up to twice the length of conventional cars, and berth almost twice the size as well. This increase in size allows for additional seats and additional rows, usually two to three passenger rows, with two to three seats per row. This increase in size does not come with out a few drawbacks, though. The most notable is the difference in MPG as compared to compact cars.

Another feature about SUVs are the ability to custom even more features of an SUV. Include but not limited to are increased stereo and sound capability, entertainment options, and body alterations. These customizable features make SUVs even more appealing to those who want to ride in style.

One of the most notable and remarked features about SUVs is the ability to change between high occupancy to high storage space. Most SUVs have a third row, sometimes even a second row, of seats that will fold down and allow for more storage. In a lot of SUVs now these seats not only fold down, but fold independently, allowing for a balance between passenger space and storage space.

Use Common Sense To Protect SUV

Almost all SUVs now come equipped with an anti-theft device and most also have ignition disabling built in as well to prevent a would be thief from being able to drive off. If you have expensive wheels you will want to use locking lug nuts to at least slow the thieves down when they try to steel your wheels. If you insist on having spinners then you should know upfront you are setting yourself up as a target.

To protect your SUV from damage to the elements of course you should always to try to keep it in a garage or under a carport but if you have a really large SUV, it may not fit in the garage. If this is the case then you should invest in a water repellant cover for your SUV to protect the finish from damage from the sun, trees, and flying dinosaurs, I mean birds.

When you have to go to a shopping center don’t try to cram your land yacht SUV into a tight space just to save a couple of steps. Park further out where you have a couple of spots on either side of you, you could probably use the exercise anyway. Just doing this one thing will help you avoid door dings and it will make you healthier at the same time.

Never park your SUV under trees. Yeah, the shade is nice, but the sap is not. In addition to the sap, you have the opportunity for the wind to blow branches onto your vehicle and then you have birds. I don’t think I need to spell that out for you, do I?

Just because you are the biggest thing on the road in your Hummer or Excursion doesn’t mean you have to be a road hog and drive aggressively. Drive carefully and safely to avoid getting into accidents and watch out for others driving along side of you.

Be extra careful when you are pulling through a drive-through. I have seen the drive-through at my local bank take out a couple of mirrors as well as leave long gashes in the side of an SUV who was in a hurry and not paying attention. You also need to be careful pulling in and out of your own garage; this is where many people damage their own SUV. Also, when you are working on your SUV in the garage be careful opening the doors, if you are like me you are probably in close quarters.

Select The Appropriate Custom Wheels For SUV

If you are thinking about installing a set of rims on your SUV, the first thing you need to do is decide on a budget. Since wheels can be very pricey indeed it is a good idea to set a limit on your spending from the get go. Setting a price range will also limit the amount of choices available to you, which, counter intuitively, is a good thing, since the vast choices available in rims can be very daunting. And, it will keep you from feeling too guilty for having splurged on too expensive wheels.

After you have set your budget, you can start thinking about which type of metal you want. SUV wheels come in various metals, like chrome, aluminum, or stainless steel. Choosing a metal is very important because it will determine how much care you will need to dedicate to your wheels. The three metals listed above are low-maintenance. Of course, the determining factor in choosing metal should be your personal taste.

After metal, it’s time for the best part, choosing which style you want. Style in wheels is a very personal thing. One person cannot tell another which one is best for them, so it will all be up to you. So, think about whether you want the tough looking thick spoked rims that will make your SUV look strong and imposing or a finer looking, refined look that will make your SUV distinctly classy. The good thing is that SUVs can take all manner of wheels and ride with them, so there are few limits to your personal style.

You are sure to have seen the hundreds and hundreds of stores that specialize in dealing with custom and personalized wheels. These would be an excellent spot to start the search for the SUV rims of your dreams. Going to the dealers will let you see wheels in real life, not just on the pages of catalogs, and get a better impression of how it will look when it is installed on your vehicle. And if the store doesn’t have the wheel you were thinking of in stock, then they will almost certainly be able to send away for it for you.

If the stores local to your area are not satisfactory, then you could always try to search on the internet. Besides loads of information regarding SUV wheels, you will find images of all kinds of rims and wheels which are designed specifically for the SUVs made today. If you don’t want to order the wheels yourself online, you can simply print out the information of the wheels you like and take it to a dealership that will order them for you. There is also the added bonus in that they can even mount the wheels for you!

Handle the Race Suspension

The main objective of car suspension tuning is to place the vehicle in neutral mode. Both the above stated modes can be harmful for the vehicle. In the neutral mode, it is easier to control the vehicle. By using the throttle you can turn anywhere you want. Throttle enhances the flexibility of the car while turning. This makes driving easier, safer and more enjoyable.

It is simpler to control a vehicle, when it is in neutral state. The tires will enjoy greater durability due to less wear and tear. While driving, the laps also become quicker. At times an over-steering car can also produce quick laps. But for this purpose expert driving is required. If the driver is inexperienced or if his reflexes are poor then the vehicle will drift to the wrong side in a vulnerable angle. This can also reduce the driving speed. So if you want to use an over-steering car you also need an experienced driver. A novice driver would not be able to handle the situation.

In case of the under-steering car, there are restrictions in movement due to the holding of front tires on the road. It would not be possible even for a skilled driver to drive the under-steering vehicle smoothly. But people generally prefer to keep their vehicle in under-steer mode for insuring greater stability. But an under-steering vehicle is not fit for long drives. It is difficult for the vehicle to catch higher speeds in this mode during long travel. The driver might also find it difficult to control the vehicle at times during long travel.